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About Coaching Connect Line

Coaching Connect Line was created to assist business professionals who want to get back into action after a stoppage or barrier. Who have seen for themselves an area for improvement in relation to work performance. 
We created Coaching Connect Line to ensure people are looked after and become effective with the tools we provide. 
Coaching Connect Line focuses on three main aspects of an individual's character and behaviour.
2.What you say, what you do
With these three aspects, we work with an individual to get into action.

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  • A 30min call with a coach. All prices are AUD.

    30 min
    77 Australian dollars
  • An hour Coaching call.

    1 hr
    110 Australian dollars
  • Team Coaching with a Coach.

    1 hr 30 min
    210 Australian dollars
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Coaching Connect Line

The focus, technology

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We focus on what it is that you desire? What is your vision? What do you want? We focus on your vision due to the stand that you have when you connect to it.



What additional support do you need to be the best version of yourself in your role? What resources can you connect with that will assist you?


What you say, what you do

When you are connected with what you say and what you do, you become powerful in your behaviour and actions.

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Coaching Connect Line

When you connect with a Coach, the Coach is only interested in getting you into action and ensuring that you have what you need to be in action and to be productive for the rest of the time you are in work.

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